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Last Updated: 4 years ago


What is Speak Banana?

Speak Banana is an online platform where clients can upload their voice recordings or communication samples and instructors can review and provide advice for improvement.  Learning outcomes emphasize on proper pronunciation, usage of vocabulary and communication style.  Being an online channel, Speak Banana can offer its services to all clients across Canada, and being convenient for both students and educators as they can use the services anytime and anywhere.   Student’s initial reviews are provided at no-cost.  Should students decide to proceed with advanced training, a fee negotiated between the student and the educator will be arranged on the Speak Banana platform.  The paid fees will be remitted to the educator - minus a nominal service fee for payment processing costs - once the student confirms completion of the training on the website.


How does Speak Banana work?

For Students: 

  1. Create a student account
  2. Submit a Learning Request
  3. View Instructor responses
  4. Select Instructor
  5. Agree on customized learning schedule (and pricing if applicable)
  6. Start communicating with instructor!


For Educators:

  1. Create Educator account
  2. Review learning requests from students
  3. Reply to learning requests
  4. Agree on customized learning schedule (and pricing if applicable)
  5. Start communicating with student!


How do I share voice recordings and writing samples with instructors and students?

Once the student and instructor accepts the learning requests, please feel free to use the voice recording and file exchange tools on the Speak Banana platform


How do I communicate with instructors or students?

There is an online chat feature on the confirmed learning request.


Why should I use the Speak Banana platform? 

Speak Banana is free to use.  It helps connect captivated students with talented instructors to improve English and Communication skills.  The platform is flexible to use, and all learning interactions can be done online - anywhere and anytime. 


Is Speak Banana free to use?

Yes, Speak Banana is free to use.  We rely on donors and volunteers to maintain operations.  There are various learning requests that a student can submit - including the “Free Consultation” option.   Where students want more advanced training with an instructor, a mutually agreed price can be negotiated and paid directly on the platform via credit card.  The fees negotiated will be paid directly to the instructor minus a service fee upon completion of the training.


Does Speak Banana accept credit card?

For students who choose advance training modules with instructor(s), payment can be submitted via credit card.  Credit cards supported include Visa, Mastercard, American Express.  The service fee is collected and paid directly to - the payment processor. 


How can I be an instructor?

Thank you for your interest.  Please sign up at


How can I be more involved with Speak Banana?

Thank you for your interest.  Please contact us at